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Super Fun & Fabulous

I love the box. The Lavender mist, earrings, journal and everything else did feel picked just for me. You have to try it! Support women and have fun doing it!!

Gift purchase for Bechoozy welcome box
Ken E. (Paducah, US)

Gift purchase for Bechoozy welcome box

Great new box!

I love the personalized item and the attention taken to the other choices. Earrings are cool. Box arrived quickly as well! Be choozy and choose Bechoozy!

❤❤❤Love Bechoozy!!

I received my Bechoozy box a few days ago and absolutely LOVE it!!
I have a unique name (Dad got creative) and have never been able to find my name on anything EVER!! I love the personalization of an item in each box. The journal with my name engraved on the front is my favorite item in the box, and a well made product.
The tote bag and my new face mask will be used often as these are daily essentials in my life lately.
As for the mutiple other items received, I am so pleased with the fact that Bechoozy actually used the personalization form that I submitted to handpick my items for my box. The items I received all matched my needs exactly to my specifications!! Attention to details is amazing!
I receive a number of sub boxes and I'm so happy I ordered this one. I get items I end up giving away or gifting to others with the other sub boxes, this will not be the case with my Bechoozy box!!! Thank you for making my box specific to my wants and needs, I will be recommending this box to my friends and coworkers!! ❤

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Susan S. (Ville Platte, US)

I did enjoy most of my last box. Loved the journal, the bag, room spray and earrings!